Statisical Analysis

Hi Mrtrix3 Experts,
I am at the end of the analysis pipeline and had a few questions about how to go about statistical analysis of my data.
My project is around looking at recognition memory pathways and how they differ for different BDNF genotypes.

  1. I have a sample of 61 participants and for the behavioural analysis of our data, we have used Bayesian analysis to see how recollection and familiarity scores differ in the different BDNF genotypes.
  2. I was wondering if there is any way to pull out the FD, FDC and FC measures from Mrtrix3, so I can do a Bayesian analysis on how pathways (that are significant) differ in different BDNF carriers and if there is a difference in pathways for recollection and familiarity.

I recently bumped across this paper which is “Development of white matter fibre density and morphology over childhood: a longitudinal fixel-based analysis.”, specifically Table 3. Although it is a longitudinal study I think this way of statistical analysis is very interesting and something I would like to do in my study.

As one of the authors in this paper is Robert Smith, I am sure I would get a clear idea about it here on the MRtrix3 community page.