Stopped script

Dear MRtrix experts,

I left my computer running some scripts to generate whole brain tractograms for quite a long time. Some not very smart IT guy from my university updated the memory of my computer and switched off the computer stopping the scripts. The tractograms were around 50% finished, is there any way I can restore the from that point, without running everything again from scratch?


Yes, with some limitations. The idea of combining tractograms from different runs of tckgen has come up before, e.g. here and here (although for different reasons), and it is perfectly possible to merge two runs using tckedit (just supply multiple input files).

Whether this is a valid thing to do depends on the specifics of the seeding mechanism: for truly random seeders (-seed_image, -seed_sphere, -seed_rejection, -seed_gmwmi, as far as I can tell - @rsmith will no doubt correct me if I’m wrong), that should be fine. But not for the other seeding mechanisms, unfortunately - see @rsmith’s previous comment on this particular point here.