Tcksift: filtering has reached quantisation error

Hello! I was recently running some files through tcksift, and I came across a weird error. When I look at the last few lines of the script, I’m getting these warnings:

tcksift: [WARNING] filtering has reached quantisation error but desired termination criterion has not been met;
tcksift: [WARNING] disabling cost function quantisation check.

However, both tckgen and tcksift stop at the desired number of streamlines, and when I look at the data with mrview, the streamlines appear to be normal. I understand what the warning is trying to say, but since I still end up with 2M streamlines and the data appear normal, do you think it’s best to proceed and run tck2connectome, or should I examine my data again or modify my script in some way? I’m worried that the error means that my streamlines are less reliable than they would be without the error. The warning appears on all three on my test cases, and I know that tcksfit almost ran to completion, although I’m not sure exactly where in the process the warning occurred.

Here is my command:
tcksift -term_number 2M tckgen_file.tck FOD.mif tcksift_file.tck -act 5ttgen_file.mif

Thank you!

Screenshot (1336)

Screenshot (1332)

Screenshot (1335)

This is perfectly normal. It always happens when you reduce the number of streamlines by a factor of 10.

Thank you for your response! I understand.