Tract of interest cross-sectional area

Hi Experts,

I am comparing three different tractography approaches for a tract fo interest and would like to compare the cross-sectional area of all three tracts generated (with the three approaches). What would be the best way to get the cross-sectional area of those three tracts of interest?

Thank you!

Hi Josue,

Depends on whether you are interest in a gross macroscopic cross-sectional area, or a fibre intra-cellular cross-sectional area.

For the former, likely the approach to take would be to calculate the tract volume (tckmap | mrthreshold | mrstats -mask) and divide by a length (tckstats).

For the latter…

Yes, I’ll get around to publishing that paper eventually… :roll_eyes:pings @alan-connelly again

I discuss the different interpretations / approaches briefly in this recent thread.


Hey Thank you @rsmith, I will use the first approach.
I hope to see that paper published soon. For us as neurosurgeons it would be very important to know and interpret that kind of measurements to better understand how and which pathways are we really influencing either with neuromodulation, lesioning, or surgical resection. Then correlate this with outcomes.

Looking forward to see that manuscript published soon!