Tractometer in mrtrix

Hi all,

May I know if there is any tractometer tool implemented in mrtrix (i.e. used to count the number of valid/invalid bundles/fibers given a set of ROI)
Or is there any way to convert tract from .tck to .vtp ? I have my own script to do tractometer given .vtp format but feel it’s hard to do the same with the .tck format.

I tried tckconvert to get .vtk from .tck but the coordinate seems to be messed up.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Khoi - you can use tckedit along with the -include and -exclude options to apply an ROI mask to your tracks, then count the tracks using tckinfo. How you define what is valid or invalid is a more difficult question, but it sounds like you already have your set of ROIs. No need to use VTK for that.