Viewing volumes sequentially in a "movie" fashion like in fsleyes

Hi MRTrix community =)

I wanted to ask a very basic question that I haven’t been able to solve. I have pressed next to all options in MRTrix3’s mrview and I still can’t find an option to see all volumes sequentially similar to what can be done in fsleyes. I’m particularly interested since I want to observe whether there are significant distortions or movements between acquisitions. My brains were obtained ex vivo in agar and therefore very little (if any) movement or distortions should be present, but I’d rather check visually as well.

Is there a function in mrview that allows me to do this, or is my only option to export my .mif to .nii and use fsleyes?

Thanks as usual!

Hi Sebastian!

You can just press and hold one of the arrow keys (left or right, depending on which direction you want to go). This will rapidly move through all the volumes in your data set. Note that this also works while in ortho view, so you can see what happens in all three planes at the same time.

By default, mrview will not jump back to the first volume when you have reached the last one. You can override this default by adding this to your config file:

MRViewWrapVolumes: true

Hope this helps!

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So simple! Thanks!!