Visualising tracts without mrtrix installation

Hi all,

I have run some tractography for a colleague of mine to use in teaching some anatomy, however, I cannot seem to find a reasonable way of getting him to visualise these tracts without having him install mrtrix on windows (which would complicate things).

Does anyone have any experience visualising tck files outside of mrtrix … things ive tried so far:

  1. matlab - same problem though, they’d need matlab installed
  2. trackvis - I’ve converted the tck to trk but there doesn’t seem to be an overlay option in trackvis (I want to overlay several tracts to simulate a “dissection”.

Any thoughts?

Have you looked into Fibernavigator? Not sure if it has all the features your after, but worth a shot. @chamberm, are you around to promote your software a bit here? :wink:

Hi Claude,

Although I haven’t generated a released in a while, it might be worth to try FiberNavigator as mentionned by @ThijsDhollander:

(Go to the releases page once on github.)
Your colleague simply has to load an anat file (e.g. .nii, .nii.gz) and then the .tck file

Currently away so won’t be able to fully assist till next week.


Thanks - I will take a look!

Thanks @chamberm, I think I’ve got it to do all I need it to do with one tiny (slightly annoying) exception…

I cannot find any option to change the colormap of my template image …

This surely cannot be that hard but I have not found an option.


Yes there’s a colormap option under one of the top menu buttons (second to last if I remember).


thanks, found it!

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