Visualizing structural connectomes in MNI space for comparison

I have a crucial question about visualizing structural connectomes. My goal is representing both individual and consensus connectomes for 2 groups of subjects: controls and patients. I initially thought to visualize connectomes in individual subjects’ space (using an exemplary subject for consensus). However, I then realized using an atlas surface or volume in common MNI space would be more correct also for the sake of visual comparison. In this respect,

  • as a surface file I would use a built-in atlas one in a software such as BrainNet viewer
  • as a node file, I am wondering how I can create the nodes for each individual subject so that they are in MNI space, and which nodes to use for the consensus connectomes.
  • as an edge file, I should use the connectome for the single subject/consensus, respectively. BUT, has it had to be modified when moving to MNI space?
    any help would be really appreciated
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