Why is the order of the analysis the order of dwipreproc to dwibiascorrect?

Hi MRTrix experts,

I learned that the order of the DWI correction is dwipreproc to dwicorrectbias.
But I don’t understand why this order is.
Why is the order of corrections not in the reverse order?
I want to know why we have to correct in this order(dwipreproc→dwibiascorrect).

I’m looking forward to hearing the answer.

The script to do bias fueld corrections, estimates the bias fueld fron the average B0 image and then it applies it ti the rest of the volumes, so it is necessary that your volumes are correctly aligned. This is why this step should be performed after dwipreproc (dwirpeproc runa eddy and is in charge of aligning the volumes).

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