Would FBA framework be feasible with single-shell HARDI data with a b vaue of 800 s/mm²?

Hello MRTrixers,

I have some data acquired on a 3T Philips scanner, 60 directions, full volumes acquired in both AP and PA directions, single shell with b value 800 s/mm². Would it be worth it to try the FBA framework with such data or would it be a waste of time?

Thanks for the help.


Hi all,

I just wanted to report that I did in fact test the FBA framework with the aforementioned data, and to my surprise I was able to run the analysis. Granted, I would have probably gotten much better results if my data had a higher b value, but it’s absolutely possible to run FBA on data such as mine.

I felt the need to update this post because I’ve seen similar questions being posted here, so perhaps someone might benefit from my experience. That’s all!


Hi Joe,

Sorry, this one slipped under the radar… Thanks for feeding back. As you noted, it’s perfectly feasible to perform such an analysis, what you need to bear in mind though is that using a low b-values impacts the interpretation of the results – see this post for details. This thread is also relevant.


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