Before I did neuroimaging, I trained parrots, and later studied how parrots talk (i.e., the physical vocal tract mechanisms and the acoustic characteristics of the output).

I am now a research scientist at the University of Arizona and have been working in neuroimaging since 2000. I’ve worked with DWI, fMRI, and lesion mapping. For DWI, I’ve mostly used FSL. For fMRI I have mostly used GIFT ICA analyses.

I am very interested in Visualization, BIDS, containerization and flat mapping.

Here are a couple of papers I am especially pleased with:

Patterson, D.K., Hicks, T., Dufilie, A., Grinstein, G., Plante, E., 2015. Dynamic Data Visualization with Weave and Brain Choropleths. PLoS ONE 10, e0139453–17. PMID: 26418012 PMCID: PMC4587848


Patterson, D.K., Van Petten, C., Beeson, P., Rapcsak, S.Z., Plante, E., 2014. Bidirectional iterative parcellation of diffusion weighted imaging data: separating cortical regions connected by the arcuate fasciculus and extreme capsule. NeuroImage 102 Pt 2, 704–716. PMID: 25173414 PMCID: PMC4253691