Converting MRtrix tracts and cortex (rendered in 3D in MRview) to .obj or similar format



Hello MRtrix experts,

I am trying to export the streamlines generated by MRtrix to a 3D object format that I can edit in blender or other 3D softwares (goal: 3D print white matter tracts). Is there a way to export/convert the tck file to a .obj/.ply or similar formats? how about the brain surface, that can be rendered in 3D in MRview?

Thank you in advance for your help,



I think tckconvert with either PLY or RIB output should do what you’re after. I’ve certainly managed to import into blender in the past with one of these – can’t remember which though…


Hi @jdtournier,

Thank you for answering me. How do you set PLY/RIB as an output? I tried to define the extension (.ply), but it say unsupported output file… :frowning:



It should be by extension, but maybe you’re using an old version? Support for PLY & RIB was added in version 3.0_RC2.