Fixel Averages



I’m wondering if there is a way for me to extract the average values of FD, FC and FDC for individual fixels in an analysis, or generate a heat map of these values. When using fixelstats I’m given the std_dev.mif file, but I’m unsure how to interpret these values without knowing what the average fixel metrics are (i.e. is 0.05 a high standard deviation for FD?). Is this information contained in the std_effect.mif file, or is this something else?

Thanks in advance!



Assuming all fixel images share the same direction and index information, you can use mrmath <fixel_image> ... <fixel_image> mean mean_fixel_image.mif to calculate fixel-statistics from the respective fixel contrast files. fixel2voxel converts fixels to spatial maps. You can look up the fixel format here.

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Thanks, much appreciated!