HCP Tutorial


Hi all,

I hope you guys are enjoying the MRTrix 3 workshop, wish I could have attended!

I just wanted to ask whether you guys will be posting an updated “recommend pipeline” out settings for HCP data post RC_3 release.

The current pipeline that is up is a 2015 tutorial from ismrm that had a warning that states that the parameters used are no longer recommend.

Will someone be posting a copy of this year’s ISMRM tutorial (if the was one)? Or a short update specifying what is currently recommended?



Hi Claude,

That’s a good suggestion. there’s definitely room for an updated best-practice pipeline from start to finish, and the HCP tutorial is certainly a good place to do that…

I’ve created an issue on GitHub for it (contributions welcome :wink:), hopefully we’ll find the time to do something about it at some point soon.