Streamlines between two ROI


Dear MRtrix experts,
I created a whole-brain tractograms using pipeline described in BATMAN tutorial. Now, I want to obtain streamlines between the cerebellum and thalamic nuclei. I got masks of cerebellum and thalamus from atlases and transformed them to individual space. I used tckedit

with -include option, but the result is not the one that I aim for. Also, I tried -mask option but it does not show me the connections between two regions.
Here is the result for -include option:

Could you guide me on how can I remove unwanted streamlines that go from thalamus to frontal region?


I did a almost same thing of making a few ROI connectivity.
The extraction of specific bundles is done by tck2connectome and connectome2tck command as know as I know.


Thank you for your reply.
I think tck2connectome needs a parcellation image, as I reed in Tutorial. I do not know any atlas that has thalamic nuclei and cerebellum together. I got cerebellum atlas from SUIT package and thalamic nuclei from Morel atlas. Is there any way to combine them?