Tract lengths


Hi all,

I’ve run into trouble with tract length again. You recently added an -explicit flag to tckstats in order to ensure the correct evaluation of length from a transformed tck file (since the step size information in the header is not useful any more)

My issue is now regarding using tckedit to extract specific lengths from these (transformed) files. I assume that this feature still uses the step size information.

What I thought was to resample the transformed tck file to the step size in the header and then do the extraction of tracts. Problem is that if I run tckstats on the transformed .tck files (before resampling the step size) using the explicit flag, I get a different result, to when I run tckstats after the step size resampling. Incidentally, I get an identical result with or without the -explicit flag on the resampled file.

I suspect that this issue may be due to the interpolation in the resampling but thought I’d check with you guys…