2nd MRtrix3 Workshop Report

Hi all!

In September, we organized the “2nd MRtrix3 Workshop” in Antwerp. During this intensive 5-day course, more than 60 neuroscientists, radiologists, psychologists, engineers, and other medical imaging specialists from 18 different countries gathered to (learn to) analyze their data using the cutting-edge technologies available in the MRtrix3 software package.

Much coffee was had, interspersed with no less than 18 lectures on topics varying from simple data handling to full-blown fixel-based analysis and connectomics. During the workshop, each participant had access to a laptop preloaded with MRtrix3 and demo data, so there were plenty of opportunities to experiment and gain hands-on experience.

We really enjoyed meeting all of you and had great fun poking at your sometimes exotic data sets!

We look forward to seeing the applications of our technologies in the attendees’ research. Keep an eye on this space because we will soon announce the next workshop!

From the MRtrix3 team