5ttgen [ERROR] Could not find FSL program "bet";

Hi everybody, when I use 5ttgen fsl input output method, during its processing it prints this error:

5ttgen:[ERROR] Could not find FSL program "bet"; please verify FSL install

I wonder what’s the reason, since I’ve used bet in the previous process, which was working fine at that time, so so I think my bet don’t have a problem. And I’ve reinstalled fsl, yet it still has this error. Moreover, I’ve also checked my environment setting, which is well set as well. So I really don’t know what happened.
My linux version is ubuntu 22 and my fsl version is
please help me, I really don’t know what to do

Hi @seveni,

Is it possible you are running mrtrix in an environment where your $PATH might not include FSL?

You can see how mrtrix is looking for FSL using these codes: