About some errors

mrconvert: [ERROR] error converting string "<!DOCTYPE" to type "d"
mrconvert: [ERROR] Cannot load row 1 of file "sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.bval" as delimited numerical matrix data:
mrconvert: [ERROR] <!DOCTYPE html>
mrconvert: [ERROR] Unable to import files "sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.bvec" and "sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.bval" as FSL bvecs/bvals pair
mrconvert: [ERROR] error importing diffusion gradient table for image "sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.nii.gz"

i would like to ask why are there some errors and how to solve these errors

thanks for your comments

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