About the Wiki category

This category holds the MRtrix3 Wiki section, and is contributed to by users and MRtrix3 members alike. It is minimally curated, but will hopefully contain information that users will find useful. If you come across an interesting trick or find a solution to a thorny problem, please consider contributing to this category so others can benefit from your experience!

If you want to add a new entry, simply create a new post in this category. Make sure it is named clearly with an obvious title: this is the main way for users to find information relevant to them.

Also consider adding tags to your post to make it easier for others to find relevant information. Suitable tags include installation, troubleshooting, tips, linux, macos, windows, hpc, …

All posts in this category are editable by other members (it’s a wiki post). If you come across bad or outdated information, please consider editing the entry to correct the information, or add additional information or clarifications where necessary. Note that if two users are editing the post at the same time, the latest save becomes the latest revision, thus overwriting the contents of the previous save.