Apple deprecates OpenGL in macOS 10.14

This is a bit old news, but I was wondering if you guys think this is something we have to worry about.

Official announcement:

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It seems like it will still be present for some (unknown) time. I don’t see how they can remove it entirely without killing lots of open source applications and upsetting lots of users.

Thanks, wasn’t aware of this. I don’t see how they can realistically do this… Microsoft tried this a while back, dropping support for native OpenGL in favour of their DirectX API – it didn’t stop OpenGL from being supported in practice by the manufacturers. A quick Google search already shows developers are pretty unimpressed with Apple with this announcement… There’s too many CAD and other professional packages (not to mention games) that would be affected by this, they’d be killing off a large part of their customer base…

What I don’t get is why they’d chose to push people onto their own Apple-only Metal API, rather than opting for the industry-standard Vulkan API. This is the official next-generation API, supported by the same consortium that maintains OpenGL itself. Go figure…

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…because Apple? It’d be a bold act of stupidity, but it’s not like we haven’t seen that before from them. :roll_eyes: