BIDS App & EPI distortion correction w/o reversed phase encoding

Hi Rob, sorry to chime in into this conversation, I am interested in this:

Eventually the script will incorporate a method for EPI distortion correction in the absence of reversed phase-encoding data.

Is there something available to do this at the moment within mrtrix? If not, do you have any estimate? If it is not included into the mrtrix package, do you have any recommendations? (for example: non-linear registration from diffusion to anatomical with ANTs or something like that?)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Gari,

Moved to a new topic since it wasn’t consistent with the title of the previous one and the quote appears to have come from elsewhere also.

There is not currently anything available within MRtrix3 to do distortion correction in the absence of reversed phase encoding. How long it may take for such to become available is outside of my control. While I do believe that there are multiple methods out there for doing such (e.g. fmriprep, INVERSION), I’ve neither found anything I was happy with the performance of, nor had the time to find / experiment all available options. But I do occasionally see / hear people describe performing such, and so am always open to receiving suggestions for suitable methods that can be advocated / integrated.