Brush size in mrview on mac

Hi all,
I might be being silly but the brush size feature does not appear to do anything when I change the value and draw a custom ROI in mrview for mac. The line drawn always appears as a single voxel no matter what I put into the brush size field. The same issue doesn’t appear to occur when using mrivew on linux.
Am I missing something obvious?

I am using version 0.3.12-1047-gce532ce7

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi Jonathan,

I can not reproduce this error on my mac, neither on the latest commit on the master branch nor on the updated_syntax branch. Could you update your mrtrix version (which is from November 23) to the current version and try it again?

If this doesn’t solve the problem then could you please open an issue on the github issue tracker?


Hi Max,
Many thanks for your reply. I updated to the latest version following the link you provided and am now running version 0.3.12-1060-gdbdc1293. The same problem still exists. Luckily around once a week I work on the same site as Donald so I might quickly pop by his office if he doesn’t mind as a sanity check that I am not doing anything silly. If not then I’ll open the issue as you suggest.
Thanks again for your quick reply.