Calculate FA map using multishell data

Hi, MRtrix3 experts.

I obtained b-800 and 2800 multi-shell data from Siemens Skyra equipment.

I calculate the diffusion map (e.g., FA, AD, RD, ADC) using mrtrix3.

dwi2mask A_preproc_end.mif A_preproc_mask.mif
dwi2tensor A_preproc_end.mif -mask A_preproc_mask.mif dt.mif
tensor2metric dt.mif -fa fa.mif

according like this,

I just wonder that mrtrix3 calculate the FA map automatically using low b-value? (in my data, b-800)


It calculates the FA map using two b-value? (bi-exponential data)
As follow my FA map result, It looks quite well… but I’m not sure about, which protocol has been used to calculate the FA map.

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Hi Yun,

I think you should check the document of command dwi2tensor and tensor2metric.

Hope it helps.


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