Can't open MRtrix GUI from unix command prompt

When I try to run Mrtrix on my unix virtual ecosystem, I am getting the following error:

please help!

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If this is a remote connection, have a look at this wiki post: Remote display issues

Hi Max,

I tried installing mesa on my remote connection and running mrview, but it is not working. Could you possibly provide a step-by-step instruction on how to get MRtrix to work on a windows machine with Ubuntu remote connection? Thanks!

Iā€™m afraid this is a tricky one to get working. The only reliable way of getting mrview to work on Windows currently is to use MSYS2, as recommended in our installation page. But you can get mrview to (mostly) work via WSL and/or remotely, though it will require a lot of trial and error, and is not something that we can provide support for at the moment, unfortunately.