Checking dwifslpreproc (topup/eddy) quality

Dear All,

It is naive, but what is the best way one can check the quality of topup eddy output? I try several eddy flags (alternatively), and would like to know which processing seems to work the best. Specifically, how one would use mrview to check the quality of alignment of successive volumes in the data (should one just use arrows to move through consecutive vols at the same slice level and eyeball the movement, or use overlay of the output mif on itself? How do the experts do it?

For specifics, I want to compare dwifslpreproc output for different inputs (predwi_denoised.mif, predwi_denoised_degibbs.mif), and eddy flags (+/- --repol, +/- mporder=#). How do I compare them, in addition to what is described here?

Thank you,