Cluster threshold when visualising fixel plots

Hello dear MRtrix community,

I am wondering whether mrview has a function to display only fixels which clusters above a certain threshold.

To be more precise, in SPM-fMRI you can filter out single voxels of activity because they are too small, and have a “clean” output figure. Can mrview do the same for fixel plots?

Thank you very much,

No such functionality within mrview itself, no. But if you’re looking at the results of fixel-based analysis, then you’re looking at threshold-free cluster-enhanced results, so they’ve effectively already had that kind of filtering applied.

A filter like you describe might be of use if you’re looking at different types of fixel-based outputs that are statistical in nature, yet not produced using our connectivity-based fixel enhancement (CFE) – in which case it would be interesting to hear of such use cases!