Co-ordinates of each voxel in the streamline using tcksample

Dear all,
I am using tcksample where each point along a track under the underlying FA image is represented as ASCII file , with all values for each track is on the same line of the ASCII file. I would also like to know that apart from getting value for FA for each point along the track how could I also get (x,y,z) co-ordinates of each point along the tracks.

So for each streamline I get rows for x,y,z co-ordinate and one for FA measure for each point.

tcksample in the MRtrix manual page doesn’t have those options.

Please help me out in this.

Kind regards

Your simplest option here is to use tckconvert to output the streamlines in ASCII (text) format. As long as you use the same tck file as you did for tcksample, that would give you a text file per streamline, with X Y Z coordinates per point on each line. The files should be numbered according to the corresponding lines in the file with the sampled values. Check the docs for details on how to do this.