Community forum: New tags and accepted solutions

Hello MRtrixers,

We’ve now included support to incorporate tags when composing a new topic on the MRtrix forum. We strongy encourage you to use tags, as associating your post with a few keywords should greatly help with its overall visibility within the community. When composing your post, simply list the appropriate tags you wish to use:


Additionally, posters asking questions on the forum can now explicitly flag replies as accepted solutions. Below is an example that would appear at the bottom of the initial post of a solved topic thread:


To accept a solution, a simple check-box button interface is provided (note that this is only visible to the original poster):

We encourage you to use this feature, to help us identify issues that remain unanswered, and to help users identify the most relevant posts in long discussions. Flagging a reply as the accepted solution also gives credit where it is due.

Finally, we’ve enabled badges on the forum, in a bid to encourage more community participation. While we try to respond to all our users, this requires a considerable amount of our time - time that we would rather spend developing better tools and techniques. So if you think you know the answer, don’t be shy! We’ll be grateful for the help, and you’ll get recognition for your efforts. You can find a full list of how these badges are awarded here.