Compilation on linux

Continuing the discussion from Major update to MRtrix3:

First on all, Thanks for this great new verison, that we were waiting for a long time.
Congratulation for the documentation too : it is very complete and efficient

I Tried to compile it on debian and ubuntu, and it works almost perfectly .

I have just an error runing mrview :
QCursor: Cannot create bitmap cursor; invalid bitmap(s)

and then I do not have the picture in the main menu bar. but they are working
it is not a big deal, but in case you have an idea

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That will most likely be due to the Qt5 SVG module not being installed. Check whether there is a separate package to install it on these distros - something like libqt5-svg or something…

Thanks this help me to find out. I had a python installed with anacoda in my path and so it was using QT from anaconda and not the system one. Removing it from the path solved the problem.
The nice icon are back


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Good to hear :+1: