Connectivity-based parcellation

Hi mrtrix experts!

I have worked with every program in the field, and I must say, this is by far the most pleasurable one to work with! Plus that it comes with great documentation and high support on this forum.

I have searched this forum and noticed that there was some talking about connectivity-based parcellation, however, all of them were more than one year old.

In the meantime, CBP has become very popular, so I am interested has any recent effort been made for implementing it in mrtrix?


Hi David,

Please see post here for a script that isn’t a part of MRtrix3, but is written by yours truly and makes use of MRtrix3 commands. It doesn’t perform “parcellation” (since there are an infinite number of ways in which such can be performed), but it will yield a connectivity profile for each voxel of interest, to which any desirable subsequent processing can be applied.