Connectome : Default mode network

Hello MRtrix experts,

New Year Greetings to all!!

I have successfully generated a whole brain connectome using Diffusion data and fiber tracking. Thank you very much for providing such useful tools.

However, at this point, i do not want to analyse the whole brain connectome (with all the nodes and links). But, i am interested in extracting the connectome corresponding to default mode network only (i.e a sub set of the whole brain connectome).

Could you please help/suggest on how to accomplish this task?

Nice weekend!

Hi Jay,

If you are only interested in the values already computed within the whole-brain connectome that correspond to a subset of nodes, then this just involves selecting a subset of rows & columns of the matrix, and so can be done using any software that can do numerical matrix manipulation.

If however you want to extract the streamlines corresponding to specific edges within the connectome, then you’re looking for the connectome2tck command. Specifically in your case, you want #2 in the example usages: provide a comma-separated list of those node indices corresponding to the default mode network, and additionally specify -exclusive and you will get as output a set of .tck files where each file contains those streamlines connecting between two distinct nodes of that network.