Connectome dtifit bias inhomogeneity correction or not

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I have found this entry in the mrtrix form and I wonder if it is correct to compute dtifit with the preprocessed dwi data after bias inhomogeneity correction or is it better before that step (without the bias correction).

dtifit -k DTI_30_average-2_denoise_preproc_biascorrected.nii.gz -o DTI_30_average-2_denoise_preproc_biascorrected -m DTI_30_average-2_denoise_preproc_biascorrected_mask.nii -r DTI_30_average-2_denoise_preproc_biascorrected.bvecs -b DTI_30_average-2_denoise_preproc_biascorrected.bvals



If I understnd correctly, dwibiascorrection doesn’t affect to the outputs of dtifit. So you can do it before or after.

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Note that you can also perform tensor fitting with MRtrix using the dwi2tensor command.

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