Connectome Results Group Analaysis

Dear MRtrix experts,

I got connectome results from tck2connectome command in csv files using my dataset, but I am not sure how to administer group analysis. Could you please advise on how to conduct group analysis (e.g., t-test or ANOVA) using the connectome outputs?


Hi JW,

Command connectomestats has an interface that is very similar to that of mrclusterstats and fixelcfestats. The GLM and permutation inference implementation is consistent across all of these commands; the only difference between them is the nature of the statistical enhancement algorithm utilised. So other discussions on this forum regarding the GLM, the FSL GLM documentation (sorry I’ve never found the time to write such a thing dedicated to MRtrix3), and indeed the relevant manuscript, are all applicable to data in this form. Details of the statistical enhancement can be found in the relevant command references. This of course all assumes that you wish to perform statistical inference on the connectome matrix data directly, rather than on derivatives of such.