Convert nii to mif with bvec/bval


I’m using blip up/down images.
When I convert dicom files to mif, the information is retained in the header, but when I do that from nifti to mif, the header info (bvec/bval info) is lost. I have nifti files and I also have their bvecs and bvals, is there a way to use mrconvert to transform nifti to mif. and integate the bval, bvec info too? Otherwise, is there a way to merge the bvac and bval files other than the paste command in linux? Something on the Mac?
Thanks in advance

mrconvert allows you to do this. The relevant documentation is at: Diffusion gradient scheme handling — MRtrix 3.0 documentation


Thanks a lot, I missed it for some reason, probably because it is not directly under mrconvert!
I have a followup question, if I denoised and removed gibbs can I still assume that the bvec/bval are the same? and use this method? e.g. dwi_denoised_gibbs.nii with original_bvec/bval to mif?

You are right: denoising and Gibbs ringing correction do not affect gradient directions.

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