CPU requirement for fixelcfestats with high number of fixels

Hi everyone,

I am running fixelcfestats with 154 participants, each has over 2000,000 fixels. I have read from other documentation that "for about 500,000 fixels in the template analysis fixel mask and a typical tractogram defining the pairwise connectivity between fixels, 128GB of RAM is a typical memory requirement.” But my fixel number is way more than that.

I tried to run it through slurm, but it cannot be finished within 24 hours. I have used 1 node and 1 cpu, with 1000 GB memory requested. But it still could not finish after running 24 hours (the maximum I can ask for our clusters). I wonder what might the proper resource I will need to request for this dataset, and how I can estimate while the fixel number differs from common examples?

Thank you!

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