Creating fixel mask for fixelcfestats

Hi experts

After performing my FBA and looking at my null_contributions.mif, I see that I have fixels >10 in value.

I read a post that said I should constrain my stats to a fixel mask containing fixels that have adequate streamline-based connectivity, and for now this can be done based on streamline count (until @rsmith makes it possible to do this based on the extent of fixel-fixel connectivity in 3.1.0).

Can someone help me with the commands I need to generate this fixel mask? And what’s a reasonable streamline count to use?

Would the commands be something like this?

tck2fixel tracks_2_million_sift.tck fixels/fixel_mask tck2fixel-output tck2fixel-output.mif

mrthreshold -abs 100 tck2fixel-output/tck2fixel-output.mif tck2fixel-output/tck2fixel-output-thr100.mif

Thanks ahead!