Dcmedit -tag character length (Patient ID)

Hi MRTrix Experts,
I have a question regarding dcmedit. I want to change the patient ID to 3105_V1 (0010,0020) but it only displays 3105_V. Is there a fixed length of this field of 6 characters? Is there any way to change this?


The dcmedit replaces existing entries in-place, and can’t resize them beyond the size they originally were. This is what it says on the help page:

Note that this command simply replaces the existing values without modifying the DICOM structure in any way. Replacement text will be truncated if it is too long to fit inside the existing tag.

So I’d guess in your case, the original entry you’re trying to change was 6 characters. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about this without a significant coding effort…

Thanks so much for the quick response. I will just adjust the names as needed to fit.