Displaying fixl based analysis results

Hi All,

I have just ran the fixel-based analysis pipeline on my data and the results look encouraging. However I am trying to visualise my results and am encountering an error.

I am currently trying to implement the section: Expressing the effect size relative to controls

When inputting the command:

mrcalc fd_stats/abs_effect.mif fd_stats/beta1.mif -div 100 -mult fd_stats/percentage_effect.mif

I am getting the error: mrcalc: [ERROR] error converting string “fd_stats/abs_effect.mif”

am I doing something incorrectly or have I missed a step somewhere?

Many thanks,

That error message is probably a bit of a red herring – the actual error is more likely to be file not found or similar.

The reason for this particular error message is that mrcalc accepts both numbers and files as inputs, and it’ll try to open the argument as an image first, and failing that it’ll see if it can read it as a number. What you see in the error message is a failure in that last step: to interpret the filename as a number – not wrong, but also not entirely helpful in this context… We’ll try to think of a better way to handle this in future…

thank you!