Docker container for MRtrix3

Dear developers,

fantastic tool and great presentation by Peter McColgan here in the Open Science Forum at OHBM 2018.
One humble feature request (from non-coders like myself) that came up in the aftermath is the creation of an uptodate Docker container for your software (
It would really help reduce the impact of dependencies, increase the ease of use across platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux), increase replicability (with easy versioning and comparing to past versions in light of constant updates in your software) of DWI studies and lower the entry threshold to use the software.

Best regards

You’re in luck, looks like someone’s already on the case! Only issue is I’m not familiar enough with Docker to review this… Hopefully other members of the team will be able to have a look and check it over. :wink: @staff

Thanks for the info. Definitely looking forward to using it.