Download HCP dataset with my Mac

I followed this tutorial, and I have some problem to download the data, as i use chrome on my MAC, so I followed the advice to enable the plugin after I installed Aspera connect on my mac:

NOTICE: If you are using Chrome and are having issues with the Aspera download plugin, please navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and enable use of NPAPI plugins. An anticipated Aspera update should resolve this situation.

But in the pagechrome://flags/#enable-npapi, i did not find the option to enable the NPAPI plugins,
So i always got the error like this:

I dont know why, but it seems that aspera have some bug for chrome, so I change to use safari, still the same error…

Any advice will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

This is not related to MRtrix. Please use the HCP-Users list instead.