Dwi preproc

dear Mrtix3 community

I have troubles to apply the dwipreproc command in my script

dwipreproc dti.mif dtipreproc.mif -cuda -rpe_pair -se_epi APA-APP.mif -pe_dir PA

Error: argument -rpe_pair: expected 2 argument(s)
Usage: dwipreproc [ options ] pe_dir input output
Usage: (Run dwipreproc -help for more information)

Do I need to provide merged or separated file APP APA ?
why -pe_dir do not recognize the direction PA ?

thanks for your help


It looks like you’re using version 0.3.16 or older, where the -rpe_pair option did expect two arguments, but referring to the documentation for the latest version…?

Dear Mr Tournier
you’re right, same issue for -pe_dir
I try to update my Mrtrix3 version
Thanks for your answer