dwi2response -force fails

Hi all,

Not a major issue but just to let you know the dwi2response -force flag seems to fail.



Hi Tom,
Thanks for reporting, we will look into it asap.

Feel free to add issues such as this directly to our Github issue tracker in the future.


Hi Tom,

When you say that it ‘fails’, do you mean:

  1. The script refuses to overwrite the existing output file, even though the -force flag was provided?
  2. The script does not commence, because it is unable to parse the -force option you have provided?
  3. Something else?

If #2, this has to do with the scripts now using more advanced features of Python’s command-line parsing libraries, and me having not quite fully exploited its full potential. For now, with scripts dwi2response and 5ttgen, where the desired algorithm must be specified as the first argument, options that are common to all scripts (e.g. -force, -nthreads) must be specified before the algorithm name, not after.

If this is not it, please let me know precisely what problem you are encountering so that I can delve further.


Hi Rob, thanks for the reply, and apologies, you are completely right, I had the -force flag AFTER the algorithm name. It works fine now.

Cool, good to know.

I hope to make the necessary modifications at some point so that all options can be specified anywhere on the command-line, just like the binaries; I just need to take the time to figure out how to do it in those scripts that already have separate command-line parsers for different algorithms…