Dwibiascorrect error

Hi Experts,
I’m facing an issue with dwibiascorrect.

I’ve run the following command with mrtrix3Tissue:

dwibiascorrect ants DWI_AP_denoised_unringed_preproc.mif DWI_AP_preprocessed.mif

The algorithm works well, and the tmp directory also has a file named result.mif. Though, the mrconvert therein gives the following error:

dwibiascorrect: [ERROR] mrconvert result.mif ‘/path_to_data/DWI/DWI_AP_preprocessed.mif’ (ants.py:64)
dwibiascorrect: [ERROR] Information from failed command:
mrconvert: [ERROR] Unable to obtain header key-value entries from spec “’/path_to_data/DWI/DWI_AP_denoised_unringed_preproc.mif’”
dwibiascorrect: [ERROR] For debugging, inspect contents of scratch directory: /path_to_data/DWI/dwibiascorrect-tmp-08YHWD/
dwibiascorrect: Scratch directory retained; location: /path_to_data/DWI/dwibiascorrect-tmp-08YHWD/


I’ve run the following command with mrtrix3Tissue:

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If you are able to produce the same issue using MRtrix3, please re-post here along with the version of the software being used.


Apologies for the post. Was able to successfully run it using version: 3.0_RC3_latest-77-g7774aec6

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