Dwidenoise bval/bvec information

Dear experts,

Does dwidenoise need information on b-value and b-vectors? Let’s say that I have a multishell dwi series with >60 DWI volumes with b={1000,2000} s/mm^2 and some b=0 volumes, and I am only interested in denoising and no further processing. Can one just input a NIfTI file without any e.g. -fslgrad flag? This seems to work, but I wanted to make sure that this is correct for the denoising process.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, there’s no reliance on the DW information for this to work – only that the noise level is the same across all volumes. :+1:

Thanks a lot for your reply! I guess I can reasonably assume that the noise level is the same across my volumes given that they have same TE and come from the same series (i.e. no shimming between volumes, this is just one run, no other changes between volumes within the series except the b-weighting).
Thank you again!