Dwifslpreproc without posterior to anterior (PA) direction DWI data

Hi everyone,
I am new to DWI data analysis, I only have anterior to posterior (AP) direction nii data, no PA data and field_mapping data. So I wonder if there are any problems with the data analysis after dwifslpreproc
below is my script

*mrconvert sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.nii.gz sub-02_dwi.mif *

  • -fslgrad sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.bvec sub-CON02_ses-preop_acq-AP_dwi.bval*

dwidenoise sub-02_dwi.mif sub-02_den.mif -noise noise.mif
#calculate residual
mrcalc sub-02_dwi.mif sub-02_den.mif -subtract residual.mif
dwifslpreproc sub-02_den.mif sub-02_den_preproc.mif -pe_dir j -rpe_none -nocleanup

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Your code looks right. However, you may be interested to check this method which will allow you to do distortion correction without field map or reverse phase encoded data.

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Thanks so much. I wll try it.