Dwipreproc & eddy_quad

Would it be useful to incorporate eddy_quad (from FSL eddyqc-tools) in dwipreproc?

Or, are there better tools to perform QA on dMRI data?

I regularly use mriqc (https://mriqc.readthedocs.io/en/stable/) to assess data quality of structural and (resting-/active-state) functional MRI data.

I think it would be useful to have something similar for dMRI data in mrtrix :sunglasses:

Best regards,
Stefan Sunaert.

It’s kind of buried in a swathe of library changes - it’s really the sort of thing I should be cherry-picking and applying as its own PR - but it’s there and on its way. Didn’t even require a change to the interface, since the -eddyqc_text and -eddyqc_all options are already there for grabbing eddy output files; it’s just a matter of executing eddy_quad if it’s present, and copying its output to the user-specified location.

Edit: Direct commit link.

Thank you very much @rsmith!
I see, it’s already implemented 8-).
I will start using it right away.