Dwipreproc error

Hi everyone. I’m new on MRTrix.I have b=0 ve b=800 32 direction DTI image. I have a problem with dwipreproc step.
i wrote dwipreproc dti_denoise.mif yeni.mif -rpe_none -eddy_options " --slmlinear"

Ekran Resmi 2020-03-25 18.09.26

i couldn’t find anything about it in forum.

Hi @barisss,

You have to provide the -pe_dir option, and specify your phase encoding direction to it. E.g. if it’s anterior-posterior phase encoding, you should add -pe_dir AP. That should be able to deal with the error message you’re currently getting.

Hope that helps!


thanks for everything.But when I did this, a new error occurred.
Ekran Resmi 2020-03-26 08.40.46

Looks like eddy itself is now crashing for some reason… I can’t help you with that; maybe someone else can. Might be worthwhile to copy-paste the full output (looks like it’s cut off in your screenshot). Could be a problem in eddy or maybe dwipreproc providing it with incompatible input… In any case, someone else might be able to help you out here if you post the complete command line output. Good luck!