Dynamic seeding

Dear experts,

Does dynamic seeding need to be used in conjunction with ACT. I am unable to use ACT on my data as I don’t have phase encoding information however I want to use dynamic seeding, is this okay to do using the following commands (the output looks sensible);

tckgen WM_FODs.mif -seed_dynamic WM_FODs.mif -select 5000000 tracks_DYM.tck -force

tcksift2 tracks_DYM.tck WM_FODs.mif sift_weights_DYM.txt -force

tck2connectome tracks_DYM.tck -tck_weights_in sift_weights_DYM.txt node.nii.gz connectome_DYM.csv -zero -force



Yes, the dynamic seeding mechanism is independent of ACT, so that’s no problem.

However, do bear in mind that not using ACT for connectome construction means that a potentially very significant number of streamlines will not be taken into account for the final connectome, or contribute to the wrong connections – primarily due to erroneous termination. For these reasons, I would strongly urge you to use ACT if you possibly can.

I saw the answer in the other post. Thank the MRtrix team very much!