Eddy_cuda what does it use? FP16 units? shader units? something els

I am trying to build a workstation for data processing, including DWI. For which we would like to use eddy_cuda.
For picking a GPU, I would like to know what it is that eddy_cuda uses…
Shading Units?
Does it need much RAM?

Thanks for the insights,

Probably the best place to ask is on the FSL mailinglist where the people that develop eddy are.

In my experience eddy_cuda uses well below 1 GB of GPU RAM on a typical dataset and runs fine with both gaming (RTX) and professional GPUs (quadro and the like), with the gaming ones costing significantly less. To process a single dataset, pretty much any relatively recent Nvidia GPU will do. If you want to process multiple datasets at the same time, you will want a GPU with lots of memory (memory demands scale linearly with number of datasets you want to process simultaneously).